My “Office”

Here is my office. (Actually, it’s a corner of a room, but I like to sound professional.)  My office, where I get stuff done… and where I don’t get stuff done. Facebook always sucks me in :/  

I have this constantly growing Positive Thinking Wall that helps me remember things that I kind of always forget.

image (4)


imageimage (2)Dumbledore is a smart man.



image (5)


Yes, I am a 32 year old with an Elsa sticker. She’s awesome!




And, yes that same 32 year old has a Dumbo quote. But, it’s a good one.



image (6)I just may have an obsession with John Lennon, but it’s a healthy one. I swear.




There you have it. My little nook where I try and get stuff done. 

Now, back to editing 🙂


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